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  • Bonus 1 - child safety online

  • This book provides lots of information regarding the internet and how to use it safely. Included is tips for ensuring your child remains safe whilst surfing, even when visiting social networking sites: Parental Monitoring, Social Networking Safety, Warnings For Children Online, Truth About Online Content. Valued at £12.99, YOURS FREE!

  • bonus 2 - comfortable computing

  • With people spending lots of time on computers it is important to keep the correct: posture, ventilation, lighting. You also need to understand the physical risks when working on the computer. This 129 page book is essential for anyone working on computers, and has everything you need to know about the computer, the phyical injuries which can occur and how you can avoid them. Valued at £20.00, YOURS FREE!

  • bonus 3 - PC safety explained

  • Inappropriate use of the computer such as downloading files from unknown sources, sharing files with other internet users can open up your computer to all kinds of security issues. This book is designed to tell you about: Computer viruses, Spyware, Virus and Spyware removal, Identity Theft. Valued at £17.00, YOURS FREE!



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