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Install and setup our Keylogger Spy Software.


1. Keylogger Software Installation (Less than 1 minute)


a. Download Keylogger software

    b. Tick the option to auto start when your computer loads.

    c. Tick the option to remove the software from the installed programs list (stealth mode)


    2. Starting to log all activity


    a. When you click the “Start Capture” button, a new project will be created. Select your project name and you are nearly ready to go.

    3. Select the type of information you want to capture

    a. Keystrokes types

    b. Programs used

    c. Websites accessed

    d. Screenshot captures

    4. Click the start capture button


    a. All data is now being captured



5. Select the stealth mode button


    a. The program now disappears

    b. You would never know it was running silently in the background!

    6. Press the default keys to bring the program out of stealth mode


    a. You type a few keys to open the program from the background.



7. Open the log files created when you weren’t there


    a. You can now see everything that you wanted to right down to the last letter.

We have a support team on standby to help out with any queries, but it’s unlikely you will never need to ever contact us, as it really is so simple to use!